Chris "Ash" Ashworth -

Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist

Hi, thank you for visiting, I hope you find something here that can help you, inspire you or open your eyes to what is possible to improve your well being and quality of life.
Since starting my journey of well being through massage and Pilates (you can read below) I have noticed more and more that our minds and bodies are not cut out for modern day life. The modern world has evolved really quickly and left us behind.
Looking a little deeper in to that statement here's a few things to consider:
  • Our bodies are designed to sit down by squatting not sit on beautifully designed sofas that offer little support to our posture.
  • Statement chairs that sit perfectly in the designer front room but again offer no support and encourage bad posture.
  • We are not supposed to sit in a car for hours and hours either, it's terrible for your posture.
  • The body is not designed to wear trainers with big "cushioned" soles, running shoes have destroyed our gait. The big sports companies will tell you these trainers improve comfort helping you run extra miles or put you on a treadmill, assess you and then tell you these trainers/insoles are best for you. The simple fact is we are designed to run on our toes BUT ever since the 70s when the "cushioned" soles were introduced our gait has changed to "heel striking" (heel to toe) while running, which is putting huge pressure on the knees, lower back which refers throughout the body.
  • These changes are examples of a world that has evolved past us. This is why I practice Pilates as it's a modern tool to fight the modern way of life. I would like everyone to have these tools to improve their well being and quality of life.
The modern world is expanding at an incredible rate and has certainly left us mentally behind too. We don't have the tools to cope with the demands, hence the rise of anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. This world of multi screens, multi tasking, time filling, go getting, image driven, instafacetweeting, group messaging, notification packed to the rafters life makes it extremely difficult to switch off - our minds struggle to rest and we rarely "live in the moment".
We constantly have notifications fracturing our attention span, making concentration difficult; mainstream media, click bait, social media, adverts, posters, logos all crave your attention. This makes it extremely hard to be "mindful" and I believe we have developed our own AUTO PILOT, an adaptaion taking us further away from being "mindful". Just think how many times have you driven home and can't remember half the journey? Or tripped over your own feet? Or text while walking in to something! AUTO PILOT!
During my lessons I talk a lot about breathing, being mindful of movements, living in the moment and giving my clients a tool to help with the mental side of modern day life. It's a simple tool but is very effective to gain control of your thoughts, your body and help "reset" (see "Box Breathing" on the MORE tab above).
The reason I talk a lot about breathing is the vast majority of us have simply forgotten how to breathe. We breathe in to our chest, this is where stress lives, this is where anxiety lives, we don't breathe deeply and rhythmically anymore, we breathe shallow breaths in to the chest. This creates a cycle of tighness, stress and constriction, add to that the constant tsunami of information with no chance for respite and it's understandable the mental health of a generation is littered with anxiety, depression etc.
There is a reason Monks, Yogi Masters and the like live long lives full of purpose. They have the tools and are not swept away with every "innovation". They are "mindful" and use breath work every day, there is a reason traditions and practices from 1000s of years are still around, THEY WORK!
It's completely understandable that modern day life is too much for our minds and our bodies, let's gain some tools and learn how to use them to improve our well being and quality of life.
First let me clear up something, Joseph Pilates is the founder of "Contrology", this goes under the name "Pilates" which is more wideley known.
Since Joseph Pilates devised the original moves a lot of adaptations have been made due to advances in physiological studies, making the practice of Contrology safer. This direction is "clinical" Pilates which is used for fitness, general well-being, as well as rehabilitation after surgery and sports injuries; this is what I practice. Specialising in beginners, allowing anybody and everybody to attend as #everyoneshoulddopilates, I keep classes smaller to ensure you get the correct attention.
Oh, and I do this because I love it, want to help and Pilates helps everyone, so give it a try......
I trained in Sports Massage at St Mary's University, Twickenham, reverred as a research University delivering "outstanding" teacher training and offering Olympic Standard Facilities.
Sports Massage was a natural choice for me as I started life as a professional sportsman but had to retire because of injury. Having an insight in to the despair of being injured and being driven by wanting to help, everyone who gets on my bench feels better afterwards. When you have that pain in your shoulder, neck, back, arm etc. I can ease it and move you in the right direction towards recovery.
Again, I love what I do and want to help everyone.
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon.