The Wim Hof Method

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9th July Bhuti , Richmond Rise, Richmond

The Wim Hof Method consists of 3 pillars;

Breathing Exercises, Gradual Cold Exposure and Mindset.



This practice has many benefits including, lowering inflammation in the body, increased red blood cell count, more energy, improves focus and concentration, lowers anxiety. The practice we will go through at a workshop but it is something that can be fitted into daily life to gain the improvements every day!


Gradual Cold Exposure-

You may well of heard about the benefits of cold swimming as it is well spoken of, the Wim Hof Method harnesses these benefits by gradually going in to the cold. There are physical as well as mental treasures to unlock, your cardiovascular system is improved, reduced inflammation in the body, a release of “happy hormones” with every “dip”, turning white fat in to brown fat, strengthening your immune system, the list goes on. If you want to know more come to a workshop.



Personally I think is the most important pillar as without the mindset the practice can fall by the wayside. Through consistent practice you will feel the full benefits of increased positive metal attitude, greater concentration, managing stress easier and living a fuller life.


This is just a brief description of the method, I go through it in more detail on a workshop.

We will breathe together, learn together and go in the cold together, as a group we are stronger, as Wim says, “no ego, we go!”.


I’m really excited to share everything with you, answer your questions and watch you grow, reconnect with your body and enjoy a day of discovery. This really is the best thing I have done and I’m sure you’ll feel empowered afterwards.


Follow the link below to see available workshops with me.


Safety - First of all if you have epilepsy or are pregnant we recommend this practice is not suitable for you, also if you have a heart condition please consult your Doctor before committing to the workshop.

Click more info to read about workshops via The Wim Hof Method platform, find a workshop with me and book online.

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What People Say


I wanted to find a way to improve my wellness both mentally and physically so I did the Wim Hof method workshop with Ash.

He was great at explaining the science behind the method and taught the group breathing techniques and practises that we could do at home.  I have noticed an improvement with my sleep, my energy levels and mood as well as being able to control my anxiety better by breathing.  Getting into the ice bath at the end was a fantastic experience and I have began to enjoy the cold showers and can see the benefit each day.  The whole workshop left me feeling positive with the ability of conquering my fears.

Ash is very passionate about his work and his enthusiasm is infectious. 


I had a wonderful day at the Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop with Ash.  I really enjoyed learning about the science behind Wim Hof Method cold exposure therapy and breathing techniques. The practical experience was also great and I have been using the breathing techniques and cold showers almost daily since taking part in the session. I also really enjoyed the sense of community and taking part in the challenge with other people. It inspired me to carry on after the session. Ash is also incredibly kind and supportive. Even though I wasn't able to do the ice bath on the day (due to recent surgery) he prepared and modified ice challenge for me, which let me feel part of the experience and learn how to tackle my fear of the cold and see that I can get through it. He has been a continued source of support following the session and I have been able to ask lots of questions ever since. I would highly recommend and look forward to taking part in more advanced classes with Ash going forward!

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